From the most ancient form of illumination to the most cutting edge form of intoxication, MasalaBar seamlessly imbibes technologies of different eras

Using some of the most advanced and scientific equipment, MasalaBar is a #HighOctaneLab offering a mixological exploration featuring handcrafted, cutting edge beverages made using highly scientific, post-modern techniques. Using scientific laboratory style operation, bleeding edge design, offering a breathtaking 270 degree view of the Arabian Sea, MasalaBar is possibly the only concept in its genre, with interiors illuminated with candles, thereby offering a first-of-its-kind, intimate & immersive experience with an organic ambience to its patrons. ambience to its patrons.

The idea behind the concept is to create a distinctive, idiosyncratic, quirky and eccentric environment, showcasing pinnacle of innovation with its vast signature scientifc beverage section, which seamlessly amalgamates with its innovative and progressive food. Complementing the elaborate drinks menu to precision is the progressive Tapas style cuisine incorporating an equally high level of innovation, using some of the most cutting-edge, modern techniques to create dishes such as Carbon Bhaji, Carbon Pao, among others

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