KODE, a cuisine agnostic modern ‘freestyle’ bar & kitchen, imbibes state-of-the-art equipment and uses some of the most advanced and scientific equipment with the finest local & seasonal ingredients. With A Liquid Chef concept, first for any bar in India, KODE offers a mixological exploration with its cocktail tasting menu pairing cocktails course-wise, the largest selections of whiskey in India, along with a curated wine list, extensive selection of gin, vodka and craft beer, offering the most progressive bar experience. Each cocktail emanates the essence of innovation, with its complex composition of innovative flavors, intriguing and whimsical presentation that entice all the five senses. The culinary offerings at KODE showcase hand-picked delicacies from over 3 continents along with never-before-explored flavour combination, with cutting-edge innovation, together to deliver an exquisite sensory culinary experience. Maintaining the authenticity of the dish and adding to it the global sensibilities, KODE promises to be a culinary destination where both, innovation and tradition are honored. With progressive culinary techniques & state of the art presentations, the likes of which have never been seen before, KODE aims to deliver the latest food trends of the world whilst revolutionizing & re-inventing modern global cuisine in a new Freestyle avatar.


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